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Used Oil Collection, Used Anti-freeze Recycling, and Used Oil Filter Recycling

Material Handling solutions

USED SOLVENT:   Used Solvents picked up by MasterWash are recycled on site using a state of the art distillation process and returned to its original state for re-use. Bi- product is then used as a supplemental fuel making our solvent service 100% recycled.

USED OIL:    All used oil collected by MasterWash Used Oil Services are tested and profiled to be an on specification product. The used oil is then provided to re-refiners or on specification furnaces.

USED ANTIFREEZE: The used antifreeze collected by MasterWash used oil service is recycled locally and returned to automotive and fleet repair shops for re-use.

USED OIL FILTERS: Used oil filters collected by MasterWash are crushed to remove any remaining oil from the filter and then sent for metal recycling.