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Parts Cleaning Services to Suit Your Needs

         MasterWash is a Denver based distributor of parts cleaning equipment and recycler of used solvents. By purchasing, recycling, and re-using this product locally, we are often able to pass along significant savings.

          MasterWash has seven types of solvent tanks, along with a wide range of water base tanks. The size and type of equipment, along with service intervals, can be changed at any time to meet your needs.

         Our State of Colorado and Federal EPA approved “Continued Use Program” allows us to recover our spent solvents as a product for re-use, and not as hazardous waste, eliminating our customers generator liabilities under RCRA.

         Recycling is the preferred treatment method of the EPA, and we recycle 100% of recovered solvents, INCLUDING SLUDGE!!

Our equipment or yours, MasterWash is the clear solution to your parts cleaning needs!